Artist Statement

reveal my work, such a surgeon who, with a scalpel, will open the body to discover the inside.

A paperless image,

transformed into layers of transparent skin

on a polymer or a metallic plate


questionnementGeneviève RUEST’s artistic search is centered on the human body through its transformations and mutations from generation to generation. It traces the genetic baggage by depicting the world beneath our skin by translating the process that takes place when she wants to see and understand her bodily reality and its origin.. In a creative process, she manipulates the materiality of the image itself; the photographic image loses its material support. The image itself is freed, becoming pure pictorial representation, a paperless image that she calls the skin. She use her own medical material such as negatives of X-rays, 2D and 3D ultrasounds and CAT scans, melds with superimposed layers of transparent skin.

demarcheGeneviève RUEST questions the composition of the body with its successive material layers, in the same way as she superimposes transparent layers of skin in her work.  These torn layers reveal another level of reality;  the interior of the body.  She is thus manipulating the materiality of the image in the same way as she is questioning the reality of the body. 


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