The amount of blood flow in ks lesions by scanning the lesions with a low-power laser beam. cheap viagra online Each lesion takes about 3 minutes to scan. viagra canada fast shipping The imaging may be done before and after a blood pressure cuff around the arm is inflated for a short time (usually less than 30 seconds). Multi-spectral imaging - this technique uses light to measure the total blood volume in each lesion and how much oxygen is in the blood. is generic viagra safe Oxygen is carried to the body's cells by a protein in red blood cells called hemoglobin. The light on the multi-spectral imaging instrument is absorbed differently depending on whether the hemoglobin has oxygen attached to it or not. It takes about 2 minutes to scan each lesion. Infrared thermal imaging - this test uses a special camera to take digital infrared pictures of the skin. viagra canada online Images formed of the temperature of the ks lesions are used to assess blood flow in the lesions. This imaging takes about 1 minute per lesion. viagra 100mg cut Condition kaposi's sarcoma study type: observational official title: protocol to assess vascularity in kaposi's sarcoma lesions utilizing non-invasive imaging techniques resource links provided by nlm: medlineplus related topics: cancer kaposi's sarcoma soft tissue sarcoma u. S. viagra side effects muscle pain Fda resources further study details as provided by national institutes of health clinical center (cc): estimated enrollment: 32 study start date: april 2001 detailed description: background: kaposi's sarcoma is a highly vascular tumor. As such, it may provide a good model for the study of angiogenesis-based therapy in cancer. However, there are no standardized techniques now available to assess the effects of anti-angiogenesis therapy on blood flow in ks tissues. viagra side effects recreational use The present protocol was written to allow us to explore and gain experience with four promising techniques to examine tumor vasculature in cutaneous ks lesions: a) laser doppler imaging; b) multi-spectral imaging; c) infrared thermal imaging; and d) optical coherence tomography. Objectives: the main objective is to assess, in preliminary fashion, non-invasive methods for studying tumor vascularity and vascular changes in patients with kaposi's sarcoma using four different imaging techniques. Other objectives are to correlate these techniques to each other and to conventional ks tumor assessment, and to assess the response of these techniques in patients receiving therapy for kaposi's sarcoma. viagra 100mg cut Eligibility: patients 18 of more years of age with biopsy-proven cutaneous kaposi's sarcoma involving the skin or mucosa are eligible. generic viagra canada They must be willing and able to give informed consent. viagra 100mg cut Design: this will be a preliminary study to explore these techniques in kaposi's sarcoma. Selected kaposi's sarcoma lesions of patients will be assessed using laser doppler imaging, multi-spectral imaging, infrared thermal imaging, and optical coherence tomo. viagra online without prescription

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